by  Imaobong Ukpabio


In the book of Genesis,God asked Cain,”where is your brother Abel?” Cain responded with some irritation, “I don’t know.I’m i my brother’s keeper?” (Gen 4:9)

God seems to be saying,we should know about our brothers and sisters-their whereabouts and needs.We tend to respond that we don’t want to be bothered about our needs of our fellow human beings.We have enough problems of our own.unnamed

I will probabaly not forget the situation i observed.An older couple,probably in their middle to late 70s,was standing infront of Ikeja city mall,Suddenly,the lady said to her husband,”my shoe is untied.” She had her arm in a brace and obviously needed some help.Her husband hesitated for a moment to bend down and tie the shoe,not because he was unwilling to do so,but rather because he had some physical limitations of his own.images-1

Suddenly,almost out of nowhere,a young man,most likely to be in his thirties,appeared.With a bright smile on his face,he said to the elderly woman,  “may i tie your shoe ma?” Surprised,she responded in the affirmative,”Yes! My husband has an arthritic hand and can’t tie them so well.”  The young man said,”i’m younger,i’ll do it!” And he bent down and tied the woman’s shoe laces.


“Oh thank you son”,she responded. rose-gold-3.jpg

“And God bless you.” And off went that cheerful and helpful youngman-or was he an angel? He left behind two quite amazed seniors.When does anyone offer to be so helpful? Somewhat rarely! In that one small act,they had experienced a marvel of love and grace.


Whether that young man was a christian, i know not. I can say he certainly acted like one. Jesus told His followers to love each other.” In this way everyone would know they are followersnof Jesus. He indicated that by his loving action.


Once,Jesus was washing His disciples’ feet-a messy job at best.They wore sandals in those days and needed to wash the dust of the road off their feet.


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